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I’m So Glad…

How nice is it that God never gets annoyed by all of my questions? My children ask me question after question after question after… you get what I’m saying. I get tired of answering after just a few. But God, … Continue reading

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But I Got Distracted…

I was going to check my e-mail but I got distracted. I window shopped instead 😉 Ok so I got really distracted. But I couldn’t help it. Something shiny caught my eye. I didn’t buy anything, but boy “” has some … Continue reading

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Can I See You?

Gabby: “Daddy are you here?” Daddy: “Yes Gabby I’m here.” Gabby: “Can I see you?” Dad: “Yes, hold on a minute.” Daddy goes around the corner & Gabby is anxiously waiting….she sees daddy and with a big smile on her face, … Continue reading

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