But I Got Distracted…

I was going to check my e-mail but I got distracted. I window shopped instead 😉 Ok so I got really distracted. But I couldn’t help it. Something shiny caught my eye. I didn’t buy anything, but boy “Overstock.com” has some seriously great stuff!

Anyway, I had a hard time coming up w/ something to blog about. Newborn blogger 😉

1 Peter 5:7  Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. NIV (emphasis added)

I was sitting here thinking about how we cast our cares on Him. I give Him the big stuff… ha! Not usually. But do I give Him the little things that cause me to have anxiety too? Hmmm, I mean the stuff that rings in my head. Ugh – the dishes, the laundry… you know. The chores around the house. What do people think about me? What’s for dinner? The list of cares and anxieties is endless.

Anything that gets me the least bit upset. That’s the care I need to be casting on my LORD. Anything that takes my eyes off of Jesus is a care. Yes, even the shiny things that I want but don’t bring me true happiness are also a care. Those little things that irritate me – yep, also a care. Those cares are pretty sneaky, huh?

This is a work in process. I can’t get something so pivotal done right away. But, you’d better believe I will start. Because Jesus cares too much for me to see me irritated about so many petty little things.

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